Ireland Blog

Ireland Blog

My Ireland Blog was my initial motivation to create this website. I started it in 2015, about a year after I left my old life in Germany and emigrated to Ireland. At the time there was so much going on in my head. So much had happened shortly before I emigrated and obviously afterwards. Everything was new to me which comes with a fresh start in a foreign country. Sometimes I couldn’t even believe myself I had actually moved to Ireland. I had  been thinking about it since I spent a semester in Dublin in 2008. But I never thought I would have the guts to do it.

In my Ireland Blog I write about anything and everything. Throuhout my first years in Ireland I addressed a lot of things that stood out to me. Things I noticed were different to my home country, bothered me, or which I preferred. I also picked up questions  that people kept asking me either out of interest or because they were thinking about emigrating to Ireland themselves. That way I had many interesting conversations with fellow or potential expats and it eventually gave me the idea for “Foreigners of Greystones” in my  Features.

My Ireland Blog is my personal emigration story. Discover how I found my forever home in Wicklow, if I would emigrate to Ireland again or why I chose it in the first place. Read about a German’s take on the Irish weather and why palm trees in Ireland are not really palm trees.  I give you an insight into our not so big, fat Irish wedding and why these five beaches are special to me.

More stories here.


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