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When I had our first child in 2017 I knew that I wouldn’t return to my job in the Irish travel trade. It had always been my passion for combining my interest in Ireland with foreign languages. I loved creating travel itineraries to show people Ireland and promoting it abroad as a travel destination.

Whilst I didn’t know whether I was going to enjoy being a stay-at-home-mom, I wanted to give it my all. Once my daily routine evolved around looking after a child – and soon after, children – I wanted to write about it. Like in my Ireland Blog before, I used my Mammy Blog to express my thoughts, feelings and stories mom life entailed. Inspired by reader’s questions like how child-friendly is Ireland and with most Ireland expat topics already covered, my blogging focus shifted.

With my two older children growing more and more independent, we “spontaneously” decided to have another one in 2023. I never thought I would have three children and now it feels like the most natural thing in the world. Surprisingly parenting has become easier with every additional child. I truly enjoy being a stay-at-home mom and wouldn’t give it up for any other job. After all I am “Employee of the Month” every month.

There is one thing I am willing to share my focus as stay-at-home-mom with and that is writing. It gives me the freedom to enter a completely different world and engage my mind in a way I enjoy. Apart from some offline writing projects, I have been working on several freelance content writing projects and an Art and Food Blog together with a friend (only available in German).

Check out my Mammy Blog and follow me for more stories of my life as German stay-at-home-mom in Ireland!

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