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Ireland Blog & Creative Writing

Life is green.
My life is green.
Green is the new colourful.
My new life is colourful.

My blog is called "Life is green" in German.
For the English version I chose "Green is colourful".
My life wasn't exactly dull and grey before I moved
to Ireland in 2014. But it was here I found the missing piece
of my jigsaw that I hadn't even known I was looking for.

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Apart from Ireland I am passionate about writing. Read more about that under Creative Writing. In my Ireland Blog I share my experiences about emigrating to Ireland and little stories of my day-to-day life. I recently added a Mammy Blog since being a mam is my number one priority at the moment. Originally I started blogging for Die Blaue Banane. Therefore the early posts are in German only and you will be redirected to another website to read them. All my other posts are in English and you find the latest ones here:

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